In-Depth Newspaper Coverage

1. Jenny Shehan, Cara Wilwerding, Sam Juster, Lizzie Davis, Grace Lyden, Emma May, Omaha Westside

2. Katerina Marcotte, Laura Bolamperti, Hannah Mergen, Andrea Alonso, Jacqueline Alvine, Jordann Wilson, Omaha Marian

3. Haley Hill, Jessica Powell, Maggie Peterson, Samantha Robb, Mackenzie Wyatt, Omaha North

4. Samantha Deaver, Kirstin Kressin, Joslyn Large, Keifer Messersmith, Shelly Tyan, Alex Wach, Hayes Center

5. Allison Shipman, Zach Tegler, Steven Patras, Jessica Chermok, Waverly

6. Courtney Brown, Molly Cox, Jaime Melton, Blaine Richter, Taylor Ruppert, Hayes Center

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