Yearbook Theme Copy Writing

1. Karissa Jobman, Millard South

2. Hailey Gould, Omaha Westside

3. Linnea Hardin, Elkhorn

4. Emily Sybrant, Rock County

5. Joey Murnan, Omaha Gross Catholic

6. Laine Greblunas, Yutan

Linnea Hardin
Elkhorn High School

Theme: Once an Antler, Always an Antler	

Once a Friend, Always a Friend.
The splitting of the schools allowed us to realize who our true friends were. 
Our true friends, no matter which Elkhorn school they were from, stood by our 
side and comforted us when we lost our state football title to Elkhorn South, 
and celebrated alongside us when we won boys state basketball over Skutt. Our 
true friends still texted us during all hours of the school day to see what class 
we were in and what we were doing. Our true friends still never failed to paint 
our cars on our birthday, even if that meant they had to skip their first hour 
to do it. Our true friends still called us up on weekends to catch up on the 
latest gossip, just like old times. Our true friends accepted us for who we 
were, and never abandoned us for being an Antler.

Once a Tradition, Always a Tradition.
Our traditions remained prominent displays of our spirit and pride in the Antler 
this year.  When the football captains burned the “E” in front of the school, 
cheered and hollered with more pride and enthusiasm than ever. When the seniors 
made their entrance at homecoming wearing tutus and tiaras, we laughed and applauded 
louder than ever. When we began looking forward to winter break, we wrote countdowns 
all over our teachers’ whiteboards, bigger and brighter than ever. When our principal 
proved himself to be “hip n’ happenin’” with his break-dancing demonstration, we 
broke into hysterics, screaming louder than ever. Our traditions have lasted since 
the opening of this school, and we have only become more and more proud of them as 
the years have passed. 

Once an Antler, Always an Antler.
Though this year brought about a much needed change and a totally different atmosphere, 
we were able to stay true to the Antler spirit. We took so much pride in our school and
 we never failed to impress outsiders with our spirit and drive for success. We became 
 tighter and closer with friends from both Elkhorn schools than we had ever been, and 
 we were still able to remain true to the Antler. No one could ever take away the pride 
 and spirit we had for our school. We will never forget the wonderful memories we created 
 here and the traditions we carried out together. Once an Antler, Always an Antler.

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