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Shotgun fit is a critical component to a shooters success. Most shooters fit themselves to the gun rather than fitting the gun to them. The typical shotgun is designed to fit the average male.

Women are built differently than men. Yes, that is stating the obvious. In general women are shorter, their necks are longer and their shoulders are more narrow.

Even with these general differences, gun fit is personal. Fit, weight, recoil, confidence, looks, maintenance all play a part in what gun is right for a specific shooter at a specific time.

Since we will be shooting trap, the guns listed below are all specifically designed for the sport. While your typical field shotgun can be used to get started in the sport, most shooters eventually move to a trap gun.

If you are just getting started and want to purchase a trap gun, take an experienced shooter or coach with you. While some places like Guns Unlimited have some very experienced people to help you with your first trap gun, some of the gun stores in the area do not know much about trap and the particular requirements of the sport.


winchester model 12 shotgun

Winchester Model 12 Many trap shooters got their start with this pump shotgun in trap configuration. Although it is not currently being produced, you can find used ones. If you are interested in this type of gun you know which coach to go to.


Browning BT99 Shotgun
Browning BT-99 A number of our shooters use this gun. It is a single barrel, break action gun. It comes in both a regular and "micro" stock size. The BT-99 shown above has an adjustable stock and a gra-coil recoil reduction system. The wood is also of a higher grade than normal. The BT-100 featured a higher rib. It is no longer being made but used ones are typically available from time to time.

Remington 1100 shotgun

Remington 1100 Trap A reasonably priced semi-automatic trap gun.

remington 870 shotgun

The Remington 870 in trap configuration is currently available and is a good trap gun.

Beretta 391 trap shotgun

Beretta A semi-automatic trap gun with a reputation for ruggedness.

Beretta 686 trap shotgun

Beretta also makes an excellent over and under trap gun. The 686 Trap is a well balanced gun. Like the manufacturers above they also make elite trap guns.

Others As you get into the sport you may want to look at specialized guns by Perazzi, Kreighoff etc.


shotgun choketubes
Newer shotguns have the ability to change the constriction of the barrel via the use of interchangeable choke tubes. Older shotguns will have a barrel that has a single choke. Most trap is shot with a "full" choke.

As you can see in the diagram on the right, a full choke has a lot of constriction and the shot will stay in a tight pattern.

Shotgun pattern

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