Marian High School
Introduction to Trap Shooting

Trap shooting is easier to watch and learn than to explain in words and pictures. That being said, trap shooting is trying to break clay disk targets flying out of a concrete bunker that is 16 to 27 yards in front of you.

Trap shooting is a shotgun sport. A round of trap consists of twenty five shots, five each from five stations (or posts). The closest stations are in an arc 16 yards behind the trap house. After five shots at one station, shooters move to the right with the last person moving to the far left post.

After mounting the gun, you call "pull". An oscillating (no osculating is allowed), trap throws a target at a random angle away from you.

Rest of intro here with diagrams.


Blue Rock: Originally, trap shooting was done using live birds. The trap, was a real trap holding live pigeons. The preferred pigeons were "Blue Rock" pigeons, a variety in England. The name is now synonymous with the clay disks used as targets.

Clay Pigeon Another name for the targets used in trap. See above.

Pull Originally, the puller actually pulled a lever to release the pigeons. As clay disks replaced live birds mechanical throwers were designed. These required a real pull on a long lever to throw the clay pigeon. Most trap ranges today use electric motors to provide the energy needed to throw the birds and the pull is usually a push on a button or voice activated release.

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