Eastern Cornhusker Trapshooting Conference
Harry Koch Trap Range
March 20, 2010


The weather was a challenge this week. When the meet started the temperature was 21 degrees with snow on the ground. The winds were from the North/NorthEast with gusts to 35 miles per hour. About 400 shooters were in attendance at the Harry Koch meet. In addition the Central Division was shooting at Ashland and the Southern Division was shooting at Beatrice.

Angelique Sleder with her medal for Ladies Singles.
Angelique Sledertied for first in Ladies Singles.
Angelique Sleder was 3rd in Ladies Overall.

Many of the team from the last few years returned to offer support and encouragement. Due to a a broken trap we had to move squads in many cases. The picnic was great with more than 100 Prep/Marian shooters and their families in attendance.

Most improved shooter was Jackie Jensen as she was +35 over the first meet in Bellevue.

The next day it was in the upper 40's as indicated by the practice pictures below.


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