Eastern Cornhusker Trapshooting Conference
Harry Koch Trap Range
March 27, 2010

Practice after the Harry Koch Meet
Eye on the target


The meet at Harry Koch was wet. Rain started about 6:00 AM as the various teams began to arrive to set up their tents, grills and tables. The rain stopped by 8:30. The temperature was not as bad as the week before but the winds and 40 degree temps made it less than ideal.

The computer which kept the scores had a serious problem which made for a long hand calculated day.

Alexa Baumer tied for third in ladies singles.

Kelsey Genoways was third in 18-19 yard handicaps.

Haylee, Alexa and Kanisha shot a career best in singles.

Kim and Alisa shot a career best in handicaps.

Haylee and Savannah shot a career best in Overall.


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