Eastern Cornhusker Trapshooting Conference
Fremont Issac Walton/Valley Trap Range
April 17, 2010



Alexa Baumer tied for first in Ladies Singles

Natasha Mason and Haylee Frisbie tied for first in Ladies Handicap. Haylee won the shootoff.

Natasha Mason was first Ladies Overall.

Haylee Frisbie tied for second Ladies Overall

Aly, Alexa and Haylee shot personal bests in singles.

Natasha, Rebecca, Aly, Sheila, Alisa, Savannah and Haylee shot personal best handicaps.

Rebecca, Aly, haylee, Alisa, Natasha and Sheila shot personal best overall.

  Natasha Mason and Alexa Baumer were named to the Eastern Cornhusker Trapshooting Conferece Ladies North Division Team.

Haylee Frisbie was named the Most Improved Shooter in the conference.

Kim, Mikayla, Haylee, Kelsey, Alexa, Natalie, Kanisha and Angelique received ECTC Academic Awards for the 2010 season.


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