Cornhusker State Games
Lincoln Izaak Walton League


More than 200 shooters converged on Lincoln Ikes for the 2012 edition of the Cornhusker State Games High School Trapshoot. It was hot as the temperature hit 105 degrees in the afternoon.

Miranda Reeder 1st Place Ladies Singles (won shootoff 50 straight, tied school record)
Haylee Frisbie 1st Place Ladies Singles (tie, 50 straight, tied school record)
Kelsey Genoways 3rd Place Ladies Singles (tie)

Savannah Uden 1st Place Ladies Handicap
Haylee Frisbie 2nd Place Ladies Handicap (won shootoff)

Haylee Frisbie 1st Place Ladies Overall (new school record)
Miranda Reeder 3rd Place Ladies Overall

Squad Blue
      Kelsey Genoways, Maddie Worth, Savannah Uden, Lori Nevole, Anna Vasko
1st Place Ladies Team

Squad Orange
       Alyssa Gebhart, Toni Ptacek, Miranda Reeder, Molly LaFave, Hannah Frisbie
2nd Place Ladies Team Overall

50 Straight
    Miranda Reeder     Haylee Frisbie

25 Straight
    Hannah Frisbie     Molly LaFave     Kelsey Genoways
    Savannah Uden     Miranda Reeder     Haylee Frisbie

Personal Bests:
    Kelly McGonigal Singles, Handicap, Overall
    Hannah Frisbie Singles, Overall
    Molly LaFave Singles, Handicap, Overall
    Miranda Reeder Singles, Overall
    Toni Ptacek Handicap, Overall
    Alyssa Gebhart Handicap, Overall
    Jackie Tvrdik Overall
    Haylee Frisbie Singles, Handicap, Overall
    Savannah UdenHandicap, Overall
    Kelsey Genoways Overall

Miranda Reeder
Singles Champion
Savannah Uden
Handicap Champion
Haylee Frisbie
Overall Champion

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