Scholastic Clay Target Program
National Championship
Sparta Illinois


Fifteen Marian shooters made the eight hour trip to Sparta Illinois for the 2013 Scholastic Clay Target Program National Championship.

More than 1,800 shooters from 32 states attended the meet.

The program was 200 singles targets, 100 on Friday and 100 on Saturday.

The east trap line at Sparta has more than 100 traps spread over 2.3 miles. To the west of the clubhouse is another series of 64 combination trap/skeet fields. Beyond the skeet fields are a number of sporting clays courses and past that is a set of cowboy action handgun ranges.

The vendor building stretch about three fourths of a mile and the shell house was full with more than 17 semi loads of shot gun shells inside.

The first day was hot with temperatures in the high 90's. At the end of the day, Maddie Worth and Katie Petersen were tied for second place in the ladies division. Anna Vasko and Madison Webster were tied for sixth and Miranda Reeder was in tenth place.

Squad White was in 17th place after the first day and Squad Blue was in 18th place.

The second day was also in the upper 90's. Squad Blue (Natalie Bialas, Maddie Worth, Anastasia Zuerlein, Lori Nevole and Anna Vasko) set a new school record and moved up to tenth place. Maddie Worth finished in first place, Katie Petersen in third and Anna Vasko in fifth. Three of the top five ladies in this National Championship were from Marian. Eight of the top twenty lady shooters were from Marian.

Maddie Worth
National Champion


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