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The participation of women in olympic trapshooting has an interesting and rather complicated history. Trapshooting was added to the Olympic games in 1900. Olympic trapshooting is not identical to American trap. The clays are harder, thrown at a higher speed and the trap house has 15 individual traps inside what is commonly called a bunker. There are a number of other differences and a number of websites which can tell you about bunker trap. When trapshooting was added to the olympic games it was a gender neutral sport. It was up to individual countries to determine their team and if they allowed women to compete.
My information indicates that the first woman to compete in the olympics in trap was Susan Nattras. She was a member of the Canadian olympic team. She is in the ATA hall of fame and has a doctorate from the University of Alberta.
Then in 1992, the unthinkable happened. A woman, Zhang Shan, from China won the gold in skeet. The first woman to win a gold in mixed competition at the games. Of course, the only response was to eliminate women from the competition and a "men only" rule was instituted for the olympic shotgun shooting competitions.
For the 1996 games women were only allowed to compete in a separate double trap event. The traditional trap and skeet events were men only. Kim Rhode from the United States won this initial women's double trap event.
Susan Nattras led the charge to get traditional olympic trap and skeet added to the women's venue for the 2000 olympics and she was successful. Of course to keep any possible score comparisons from complicating the issue the women's events were set at 75 targets while the men shoot 125. Sexism is alive and well in the IOC.
In 2000, the women competed in trap skeet and double trap.
In 2004, Kim Rhode won the double trap gold again. 2004 was the last year for women to compete in double trap. For 2008 there will only be trap and skeet shotgun events for women. Kim holds the distinction of winning both the first and the last gold medal in this event. Collyn Loper, was fourth in trap.

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